Friday Feature: Cookies….So Many Cookies

Do you like cookies? Do you like clicking? What if I told you there was a game where you do both?

Cookie Clicker is either the best deconstruction of a video game ever; or possibly the dumbest thing on the internet. If that doesn’t sell you on the premise, let me explain a bit more.

Cookie Clicker is hardly a “game.” It, in all of its simplicity, is about getting rewards. The more you click, the more you upgrade, the more achievements are unlocked. This steady drip of rewards keeps you playing long after you thought that you would. That is, if the paper thin story doesn’t grab you.

Okay, “story” is a strong word. Nonetheless, Cookie Clicker takes place in a world where magical things can happen. You can build farms that grow cookies, hire mutant grandmas and cats that bake you cookies, open portals to the cookie dimension and even build a time machine that takes cookies from the past.

If all that sounds a bit nuts to you, it’s because it is. That’s part of charm of this simple flash game. It constantly gives you updates to your production that always seem to illicit a smile. Too many grandmas working? Beware of a “Grandm-apocolypse.” Or my personal favorite, your cookies won best cookie from the local news station. You won a cookie.

The game is incredibly charming in its simplicity. There is a joy to the constant string of rewards and silly situations that rise up out of something so obviously stupid. Once you start, it’s hard to walk away, especially after you have read the achievement list. It is the ultimate time waster; the best thing to have running in the background of any browser.

The irony of all this? You can eventually hire cursors to click for you. You don’t even have to click anymore; just leave the game running. That’s Cookie Clicker for you, folks. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to get back to my game. I’m creating 62 Billion cookies a second by using the antimatter in the universe to create more cookies….this is all very important.


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