Friday Feature: Good Job, Brain!

In a stark departure from my usual Friday Feature fodder, this week I bring to you a *drum-roll please* PODCAST!

Namely, the Good Job, Brain! trivia podcast.


While the overall theme of the show is a trivia-quiz-show format, most of the episodes features an equal amount of quirky history and science, researched by one of the show’s hosts. Each week has a topic, typically masked in a pun or a pop-culture reference (which, you know, is great).

I don’t do pub trivia, though I’m sure if I did, GJB would be a great way to train up for the big events. I enjoy GJB how I enjoy Ken Burns documentaries: pure “edutainment.” (Entercation? Maybe I should ask the hosts…)

The team responsible for Good Job, Brain! are all respectable professionals that just do the podcast for the fun of it, which I think lends it self to a much better show in the end.


I don’t really have too much more to say about GJB except that they’re really entertaining and you should check them out. This summer I would always listen to this podcast while I was mowing the lawn. I considered it part of my self-improvement regimen – physical activity, landscape beautification, and brainal enhancement all in the span of an hour. I’d say it’s working pretty well…

In contrast to last week’s feature, Good Job, Brain! is fun for all ages and temperaments. Though, as their website states, “there’s no explicit language, but poop does come up sometimes all the time.”


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