Friday Feature: Flower



Sustainable Growth



All of these have come to the forefront of the world conversation, and for good reason. So it is no surprise that contemplations on those things pop up in different forms of media. Sadly, we don’t have room for that large of a discussion today [though tomorrow is another conversation!] As such, I’m going to point you to a singular game that speaks to those topics, and adds its own voice to the conversation.



Flower is a game by thatgamecompany on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4; the second in a set that includes fLow and Journey. The game functions on a simple mechanic; you are the wind. In each level you start out in front of a singular flower and proceed to move through it. As you blow through the fields you collect petals and leaves; creating a rainbow of color.


Each level has a natural pathway created by the flowers you fly through, and it feels completely natural as you use the controller’s built in motion controls to tilt, turn, and spiral through the fields. There are hidden aspects to the game that the crafty player will notice, but that’s the most “game-like” thing about it.



Flower is more about the experience. The music and visuals create an atmosphere that enwraps the player. It can be almost trance like when you are flying from field to field, your color trail behind you, as you spin through the air. It is truly one the most engrossing experiences a player can have in a game.


On top of all this is the simple message that the game conveys through its multi-hour story. The small narrative is parceled out bit by bit between each level and occasionally within as well. The individual stages are framed by a hub screen that is set in an unknown apartment in the city; but to explain as to why would give away one of the game’s sweeter secrets.



If the topic matter doesn’t engross you, the visuals will. If you have the ability to play through this game; do it. Set aside two-three hours, grab a glass of wine, and relax with Flower.


….time to make like a tree…

[sorry, couldn’t help myself]

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