Friday Feature: The Humble Store

It’s unusual for me to feature a storefront over a product or work, but I feel like The Humble Store for PC games deserves a special mention. It springs out of the Humble Indie Bundle events that began several years ago, where independent game developers joined together for a “pay-what-you-want” sale where a portion of each sale would go to the Childs Play charity.

Humble Indie Bundle has been through 11 incarnations, each with a set of independent games which, when you purchased the set, you could often get the Steam  download code for each game. Usually at a reduced price from what you’d get from the Steam storefront – with the added bonus of donating to charity.

Humble Bundle has also introduced several other bundle sets, including the Humble Book Bundle and the Humble Android Bundle, each with the same goal: companies who enter their product to receive a reduced commission and donate the rest to charity.

While The Humble Store isn’t a pay-what-you-want operation, they do donate a portion of each sale to any of a handful of charities (Child’s Play, American Red Cross, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust, and Charity: Water). Their breakdown is as follows: 15% of each sale goes to their operations as the Humble Tip, 75% goes to the creators for their work, and 10% goes to the charities. Nearly all games that are also available on Steam also come with a Steam redemption code (since basically all PC gamers rely on Steam for their game library).

So next time you go to buy a game on Steam, pause and take the extra step to go check The Humble Store and see if they have the game for the same price – because then you know you’ll be giving some of your purchase to a few good causes.


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