About the Playground

In the world of mythology, there are numerous examples of times that humans received a boon from divine beings. In the biblical book of Enoch, the Watchers share with humanity the knowledge of how to build jewelry, weapons, tools, and fire. In the Babylonian myth of Atrahasis, the hero is saved from a cosmic flood when Enki reveals to him secret knowledge of the gods. And Prometheus, our eponymous titan of Greek myth, stole fire from the gods to give to his human creations, allowing them to advance their civilization.

The Promethean Playground is about using our “secret” knowledge (educational disciplines) to advance our favorite aspects of pop culture. Most of us here are geeks: great people who are passionate about their fringe interests – comic books, tv, movies, literature and video games. We love to play in our niche, but we also recognize the room for our niche to grow. So our purpose is to bring our “secret” knowledge into geekdom, applying some well-earned deconstruction to those interests where we can.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts, and we hope you’ll leave your own.

Welcome to the Playground.

The Prometheans

Stewart Self earned his B.A. in Religion and his Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University School of Divinity. He loves theology, ecology, feminism, mythology, and all sorts of other important things. If they made an Animal Man movie, he would lose his mind.

Jessica Place earned her B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and is currently studying for her Master’s of Divinity. She enjoys vampire slaying, intergalactic travel, and any opportunity to wear a cape.

Jonny Smith is a jack of all trades and master of none. His background is in religion, history, music, and a little bit of macro-economics. He also has dabbled in philosophy – mostly to impress the ladies. Video games are Jonny’s jam, but he loves comics just as much as anyone.  (To read some more about Jonny’s favorite pastime, check out his personal blog http://gamerswhothink.wordpress.com/)

Ramsay Leimenstoll got her B.A. in Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies from Smith College. She’s calls herself an amateur enthusiast of  theological debate, feminist theory, the complex racial/ethnic debates within our society, queer/trans* issues, politics, and sex positivity. She wouldn’t have called herself a geek, but we insisted! Ramsay also graciously edits our weekly posts. (You can also read Ramsay’s writing about travel, food, books and life as a financial responsible twenty-something at http://gluedtoafrenchpost.blogspot.com/)


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